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Plano, TX residents wonder about the cost of fat injections in the buttocks

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Are you looking for a way to add curves to get a shapely figure? Fat injections are a safe way to create subtle lifting and augment the natural curves of the body. Dr. Patrick Obasi of Noble Cosmetic Surgery in Plano, TX offers Brazilian butt lifts and fat injections in the buttocks to give you a sensuous body.

What are fat injections?

Fat injections, or fat transfers, involve taking fat from an area of the body that has excess, such as the thighs or stomach, and placing it into an area that has less volume such as the butt. This procedure uses a patient’s own fat so it is more natural, safer, and has less chance of an allergic reaction. During fat injection procedures, the fat is first extracted, and purified, and then reinjected into the desired area. The fat is generally injected into the upper part of the buttocks to create subtle shaping while making the butt appear lifted.

Ideal candidates

Brazilian butt lifts have become popular in recent years. Both men and women have requested these procedures. Patients want their pants to fit better. Ideal candidates may have the following symptoms:

  • Flat or small buttocks
  • Sagging buttocks
  • Asymmetry
  • Dramatic weight loss changing the shape of the buttocks

Price of cosmetic surgery

The cost of surgery is a common question. The cost depends on the number of areas where fat is extracted and the amount of fat injected. If implants are used, the price may increase. Discuss the total cost with your surgeon in advance. If the price still concerns you, ask about the possibility of a payment plan.

If you want a shapelier figure, ask about fat injections into the buttocks. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Patrick Obasi of Noble Cosmetic Surgery today. (214) 974-4411

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