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Captivating curves begin with Brazilian Butt Lift in Plano

Brazilian Butt Augmentation Plano TX photo Brazilian women are known for their perky, round buttocks – a combination of their ethnic mix and healthy lifestyle. To help patients in the Plano, Frisco, and Dallas area achieve pleasing posteriors, in some cases Dr. Patrick Obasi recommends Brazillian butt augmentation when appropriate.

Autologous fat graft

This technique hones your curves in two ways. It begins with liposuction to remove fat from problem areas, typically the abdomen, flanks, back, or thighs. Harvested fat is processed and re-introduced into precise points to shape and contour the buttocks. Because this is your tissue, there is little chance of allergic reaction. Some of the injected fat will not survive the graft. It is harmlessly reabsorbed by the body. However, a significant portion will remain viable living cells, for long-lasting results.

A combination approach

In some cases, Dr. Obasi recommends combining these techniques for maximum enhancement – implants for volume, and fat transfer for soft, natural shaping.

Both of the above procedures are performed on an out-patient basis at the Noble Cosmetic Surgery center. You must avoid sitting or lying on your back for about two weeks, and wear compression garments to encourage desired contours. Light walking helps to speed healing, and patients are usually able to return to normal activities within a month.

Most patients are thrilled with their results. They tell us that clothes fit better, and they feel more confident from poolside to board room.

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"Just finally found a Doctor I'm comfortable with for my tummy tuck/ lipo Dr. Obasi in City at Noble Cosmetic Surgery. Paid in full now just waiting and trying to find a reasonable recovery house.. Any suggestions?? I'm so excited I have had prior work done had lipo bbl with Dr. Kenneth Stein here in Chicago that was in 2014 so now I'm going to Noble way cheaper and better results.."