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While a breast augmentation increases your bust size, a lift adds even more definition and shape to your new and improved chest. At Noble Cosmetic Surgery in Plano, Texas, Dr. Patrick Obasi helps women achieve the perfect look with a combination augmentation and lift. With balanced and beautiful proportions, you can defy gravity and look youthful and supple at any age. Book a consultation with Dr. Obasi by phone or online.

Breast Augmentation with Lift Q & A

by Patrick Obasi, MD, FACS

What is a breast augmentation with lift?

Breast augmentation is the medical term for increasing breast size with silicone or saline implants. They add fullness and volume, increasing your cup size and projection  — which refers to how far breasts extend in front of the ribcage.

Mastopexy, or breast lift, tightens tissues that support breasts. This procedure involves removing excess skin and reducing overstretched ligaments so Dr. Obasi can reposition the breast to a higher place on the body.

As a final step, Dr. Obasi may reposition your nipples and areolas to further improve breast aesthetics.

What are the benefits of this type of procedure?

Some patients mistakenly assume that a breast augmentation will help them achieve perkier breasts, so this is an important assumption to clarify: Augmentation doesn’t necessarily address or resolve issues of drooping or sagging, and this is where a breast lift can be helpful. While they’re separate procedures, in most cases, they can be performed during the same operation.

Besides having two procedures at the same time, the benefit of a breast augmentation with lift is that you only need one recovery period. You may also have less scarring when both procedures are done together.

Dr. Obasi takes the necessary steps to determine if breast augmentation with lift is the best option to address your specific concerns, and whether or not you’re a good candidate from a health perspective.

How can I keep my results?

Recovery after breast augmentation and lift will require a significant amount of rest and inactivity. While a breast lift alone usually yields immediate results, when combined with augmentation it will take a few weeks before the swelling subsides and you’re able to see the new shape of your breasts.

While gravity can take a natural toll on your body over the years, your results should be long-lasting if you practice healthy lifestyle habits.

Significant weight gain or loss can always affect the size and shape of the breasts, so you should maintain your weight. You may also want to consider your pregnancy plans, as having children and breastfeeding can compromise the results of this type of procedure.


40-year-old woman who presented with small droopy breasts after child bearing. Procedure: breast augmentation with silicone implants and lollipop lift. These implants feel soft and natural. Dr. Obasi uses the Keller Funnel which utilizes a no touch technique with smaller incisions and helps prevent infections. 

35-year-old female presenting with small droopy breasts after child bearing. She wanted the cohesive gel implants. Procedure: breast augmentation with silicone implants and lollipop lift. These implants feel soft and natural. Dr. Obasi used the Keller Funnel to place the implants.

33-year-old female presenting with small and mildly droopy breasts. She was also concerned about breast asymmetry. Procedure: saline implants with donut lift. Implants were filled to correct the issue of asymmetry.