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While your self-image changes over time, one thing remains constant: A desire to feel good about how you look. If you want to have breast implants removed, Dr. Patrick Obasi at Noble Cosmetic Surgery can help. Serving women in Plano, Texas, he understands the emotional and psychological needs that drive the desire for a physical change. If you’re experiencing pain or distortion around your implants or are simply ready to have them removed for cosmetic reasons, call or click for a consultation with Dr. Obasi.

Breast Implant Removal Q & A

by Patrick Obasi, MD, FACS

Why should I have a breast implant removal procedure?

The decision to get breast augmentation is often one that women make when they’re young. Over time, however, many women decide they would like to recapture a more natural look. While there are many reasons to consider having your implants removed, here are a few common scenarios:

Capsular contracture

This is a medical concern where the implants cause an immune system response, resulting in tight, disfiguring scar tissue that forms around an implant.

Implant rupture or deflation

While quality breast implants are quite durable, they aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime. Saline implants deflate quickly when ruptured, and silicone gel can leak.

Knots or lumps

“Gummy bear” silicone implants may develop knots or lumps when the shell is compromised. Even a “silent” rupture can cause discomfort or hardening of breast tissue.


Some women simply decide they want larger or smaller breasts. In other cases, you may be unhappy with shape, placement, or overall appearance of your original implants.

Medical reasons

Conditions such as breast cancer or lymphoma may necessitate removal of your implants.

Are there safety concerns?

As with any cosmetic surgical procedure, safety is always a concern. Surgical removal of implants usually requires cutting through scar tissue and sometimes reshaping or lifting the breasts if they have deflated.

After the procedure, you may experience a similar recovery process to your original breast augmentation, with swelling, bruising, and pain. However, the procedure is quite safe under the care of a qualified surgeon.

Dr. Obasi has an expert background in plastic and cosmetic surgery and is experienced in delicate, complex breast reconstruction procedures.

Will my breasts look normal again?

When considering breast implant removal, it’s natural to be concerned about how your breasts will look after healing. At Noble Cosmetic Surgery, the procedure is carefully planned and performed flawlessly for the best possible outcome. Removal can be combined with replacement of implants, breast lift, or other aesthetic procedures for beautiful results.

45-year-old female who desired removal of breast implants that were placed 7-9 years ago. She had sagging breasts also. Procedure: implant removal with J-lift.