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A youthful look doesn’t end at your chin: Wrinkles and sagging in the neck can add years to your appearance. With a neck lift procedure at Noble Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Patrick Obasi tones and smooths the jawline and neck. For men and women in Plano, Texas, a rejuvenated, more youthful reflection in the mirror awaits you at Dr. Obasi’s office. Book your appointment with Noble Cosmetic Surgery by phone or online today.

Neck Lift Q & A

by Patrick Obasi, MD, FACS

What is a neck lift?

The medical term for a neck lift is lower rhytidectomy. It’s a cosmetic surgery that reduces fatty deposits, removes loose skin, and tightens the neck and jaw area for a more youthful appearance.

You might be a good candidate for a neck lift if you’re happy with the appearance of your face, but you’re struggling with a double chin, sagging jowls, or deep wrinkles on your neck. It’s a procedure that can be performed alone or as a complement to other surgical or non-surgical enhancements.

The neck lift procedure is popular with patients who are between 30 and 60 years old, but it can provide transformative results at older ages, too.

What happens during neck lift surgery?

At Noble Cosmetic Surgery, the neck lift is an outpatient procedure.

Dr. Obasi administers intravenous sedation or a general anesthesia before the procedure. He makes small incisions behind your ears, and possibly under your chin. Through these access points, he removes fat, tightens muscles, and eliminates excess skin. He might also redistribute fat or “sculpt” the area to improve contouring. He then repositions the remaining skin and closes the incisions with fine sutures.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Dr. Obasi and his team monitor you until you wake from anesthesia. You’ll be sent home with detailed instructions for your recovery, and you’ll schedule a series of follow-up visits so Dr. Obasi can monitor your healing.

You might experience some swelling, bruising, and tightness, but these are normal side effects of the procedure and tend to subside quickly. It’s  important that you avoid activities that might expose your wounds to anything abrasive or irritating while you heal.

Most patients return to their normal activities within two weeks of a neck lift, and scarring is usually minimal and unnoticeable.

If you’re thorough in following your aftercare instructions and attending follow-up visits, you can ensure a speedy recovery. While no cosmetic surgery can stop the natural process of aging, with good skincare habits, you’ll enjoy the results of a neck lift for many years.