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Butt Augmentation

Butt Augmentation

Rounded, high buttocks are a beauty ideal that may be hard to achieve with exercise. A butt augmentation with Dr. Patrick Obasi in Plano, Texas, can help add curves and fullness to your bottom. The team at Noble Cosmetic Surgery is ready to help you achieve your ideal figure with the right cosmetic enhancements, no matter what your age.

Butt Augmentation Q & A

Butt augmentation can be achieved in a few different ways, but the most common practice is to supplement the area with implants to make it appear larger and fuller. In some procedures, Dr. Obasi can harvest fat from other areas of your body and inject it into the buttocks region to add plumpness. For patients with little fat to draw from, however, an implant augmentation procedure is a good option.

Whether your backside is less than perky because of age or genetics, the butt augmentation procedure is beneficial in many ways:

  • You achieve a rounder, fuller butt with projection from the spine
  • The procedure be performed as a sole solution, or to boost the effects of fat transfer
  • Results are long-lasting and easy to maintain
  • Clothes and swimwear will be more flattering
  • Patients report more confidence, self-assurance, and comfort in their own bodies

Dr. Obasi can advise you on whether or not you’re a good candidate for a butt augmentation, as well as what your results will look like after you’ve healed. It’s important to have realistic expectations and go into any cosmetic surgery with a healthy mindset about potential results.

The butt augmentation procedure is performed with IV sedation or under general anesthesia and takes about two hours.

First, Dr. Obasi makes incisions in the cheek of each buttock. By creating small “pockets” under the gluteus maximus muscles, he can then insert firm silicone implants to provide definition and shape.

When you wake from anesthesia, you’ll be given specific post-operative instructions and, if necessary, a prescription for medication to manage your pain.

Expect to sleep on your stomach or side, and also plan to avoid prolonged periods of sitting for several weeks so as not to disrupt the placement of the implants. It’s also important to wear a compression garment for about three weeks to support augmentation as you heal. Most patients can resume light exercise after two days.

Results emerge as swelling subsides and implants settle into position, usually within three weeks.

If you’re ready to get the butt you’ve always wanted, schedule a consultation with Dr. Obasi by phone or online.


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