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Bad-looking skin can make you want to stay at home and crawl under the covers. At Noble Cosmetic Surgery in Plano, Texas, Dr. Patrick Obasi and his team help men and women transform their skin to eliminate stubborn problems like acne, scars, fine lines, and under-eye bags. With dermabrasion, you can look younger, fresher, and ready to take on the world instantly. Call or click for an appointment to learn how dermabrasion can improve your skin.

Dermabrasion Q & A

Dermabrasion is done on the face, either to a specific area or as a full-face treatment. The technique can also be used elsewhere on the body. By surgically “scraping” the skin, it’s smoothed and refined. Layers of old skin are buffed away to reveal new, fresher skin underneath.

Dermabrasion can minimize the appearance of scars or wrinkles, or eliminate precancerous moles or freckles. It can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic enhancements, such as a chemical peel.

Dr. Obasi cleanses your skin and may numb the treatment area with local anesthetic. He might also apply ice packs to firm the skin for more efficient abrasion.

The device used for dermabrasion has a diamond wheel or fine brush head that rotates rapidly. Dr. Obasi applies it to the surface of the skin with carefully controlled speed, pressure, and duration. The procedure is fast and painless. Afterwards, he cleanses your skin again and applies an antiseptic ointment with a sterile dressing.

Most patients experience little or no discomfort after treatment. You can expect to return to normal activities within a day or two. If you do experience pain, Dr. Obasi will advise you on how to manage it with pain relievers and topical ointments to reduce swelling.

Visibility of your full results depends on the size and depth of the treatment area. Fresh, new skin usually regenerates in 5-8 days, and any pink pigmentation fades in about six weeks. Dr. Obasi might recommend a series of treatments that you’ll space apart to allow enough time for your skin to heal in between sessions.

You may be given some aftercare instructions on how to care for your skin. Daily sun protection is extremely important after any facial cosmetic enhancement, as is using the right products to heal and repair your skin.

Since dermabrasion only affects the top layers of skin, the results last several weeks or months. However, regular dermabrasion can keep the skin looking youthful and fresh. It’s one of the safest and most affordable ways to look rejuvenated and beautiful.


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