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Better shape with breast lift for patients in Plano, Dallas, and Frisco

Breast Lift Plano TX photo Attractive feminine proportions are about more than just breast size. In the skilled, experienced care of a Board-certified surgeon, a breast lift (mastopexy) reshapes and repositions breasts. Dr. Patrick Obasi helps women look great with breast lift at Noble Cosmetic Surgery in Plano.

Who benefits from breast lift?

Has pregnancy or breastfeeding left your breasts stretched and drooping? Consider a breast lift, with or without implants. The procedure restores (or increases) breast size, shape, and stance.

Have you lost a lot of weight? Reward yourself with a breast lift to remove excess skin and restore proportional volume.

Do you carry on a family trait of sagging breasts? With this procedure, you can have the best breast profile of your life.

Is breast lift right for you?

Here are some indications that you are a good candidate:

  • Nipples point downward.
  • Nipples or areolas are lower than the crease under the breast.
  • You are satisfied with overall size of breasts when wearing a bra. (Breast lift surgery does not alter size, but remember that it can be performed with breast reduction or augmentation.)
  • Breasts have an unusual shape or are not symmetrical.

Breast Lift Plano TX before and after photo

The procedure

Dr. Obasi utilizes a number of techniques to remove excess skin, tighten underlying support structures, and position breasts, nipples, and areolas attractively. After evaluating your physiology and understanding your aesthetic goals, he may recommend:

  • Crescent lift – A small incision around the top half of the auroles corrects a small amount of droop.
  • Donut lift – For mild to moderate lift with a single, unobtrusive scar.
  • Lollipop lift – Corrects moderate drooping and restores breast contours. Called a J-lift when the incision follows the lower curve of the breast outward.
  • Anchor lift – For the best results with pendulous breast and significant sagging.

This outpatient procedure typically takes two hours or less. Most patients return to work within a week, and to regular physical activities in four to six weeks. To learn more about breast lift, call our Plano office at (214) 974-4411.

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"Just finally found a Doctor I'm comfortable with for my tummy tuck/ lipo Dr. Obasi in City at Noble Cosmetic Surgery. Paid in full now just waiting and trying to find a reasonable recovery house.. Any suggestions?? I'm so excited I have had prior work done had lipo bbl with Dr. Kenneth Stein here in Chicago that was in 2014 so now I'm going to Noble way cheaper and better results.."