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Scar Revisions

Scar Revisions

Scars can be lifelong reminders of illnesses, injuries, and other traumatic events. At Noble Cosmetic Surgery in Plano, Texas, Dr. Patrick Obasi helps men and women erase the marks left from acne, surgery, or traumatic injury. With a range of effective techniques, Dr. Obasi and his team can help you achieve flawless skin and the confidence that goes along with it. Call or click to schedule a consultation today.

Scar Revisions Q & A

While not all scars can be completely removed, Dr. Obasi strives to make your scars as invisible as possible. Depending on the severity and location, he uses one or more surgical and nonsurgical techniques to address the size, shape, color, depth, and location of the scar. His goal is to reduce the scar’s noticeability while avoiding further damage to the surrounding skin or the scar itself.

Several different procedures are used to treat scars. You’ll start with a comprehensive skincare consultation to determine your needs and discuss your goals, as well as how realistic they are given your particular situation.

Dr. Obasi always begins with the least invasive option to treat your scars, progressing to surgical methods when necessary. He may use one or several of the following techniques:

  • Topical medications: Medicated ointments and bleaching creams reduce pigmentation
  • Chemical peels: Exfoliation of surface skin layers provides a refreshed appearance
  • CO2 laser resurfacing: Refines superficial scars and pigmentation irregularities
  • Injectable medications: Special formulas reduce collagen production locally
  • Injectable dermal fillers: These products temporarily fill indentations (e.g. acne scars)
  • Surgical incision: Leaves only a discrete line that eventually disappears
  • Skin grafting: Skin from another area of the body replaces dermal tissues

Following your procedure, you may notice swelling, discomfort, or discoloration for up to two weeks. The scar or scars will continue to heal and fade in the weeks that follow. The purpose of scar revision surgery is to reduce the appearance of scars, but you might need multiple treatments or a combination of approaches over time to achieve results.

It’s important to have realistic expectations if you’re considering scar revision treatment. After a scar revision procedure, it’s also extremely important to follow Dr. Obasi’s aftercare instructions. Good skincare habits keep your scars from becoming worse and prevent new scars from forming.


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