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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Attractive feminine proportions are about more than just breast size. In the skilled care of board-certified surgeon Dr. Patrick Obasi, at Noble Cosmetic Surgery, a breast lift reshapes and repositions breasts so they appear more youthful and perky. Serving patients in Plano, Texas, Dr. Obasi and his team are ready to help you create the body you’ve always dreamed of – and a chest that makes you feel confident in your skin. Schedule a breast lift consultation with Dr. Obasi by phone or online.

Breast Lift Q & A

Many factors beyond your control can cause the breasts to stretch and sag. Whether you’re looking to augment the breasts or simply reposition them higher on the body, you might benefit from a breast lift if:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding has changed the shape of your breasts
  • You’ve lost weight, and this has caused stretch marks or sagging in the breast area
  • Genetics or age have left you with breasts that cause back or neck pain
  • You are satisfied with the size of your breasts but want them positioned higher on the body
  • Your breasts are unusually shaped or aren’t symmetrical
  • Your nipples point downward

Dr. Obasi uses various techniques to remove excess skin, tighten underlying support structures, and position the breasts, nipples, and areolas attractively. After evaluating your physiology and understanding your aesthetic goals, he may recommend:

  • Crescent lift: A small incision around the top half of the areolas to correct drooping
  • Donut lift: For mild to moderate lifting with a single, unobtrusive scar
  • Lollipop lift: A technique that corrects moderate drooping and restores breast contours
  • Anchor lift: The preferred option for when you have significant sagging

While you should see immediate results, you’ll also experience some swelling and scarring. This subsides over a few weeks, and your breasts will quickly settle into their new positions.

Since none of us can escape gravity, your breasts may start to sag again over time, but you can maintain your results by taking good care of yourself after the procedure and following the post-operative instructions provided by Dr. Obasi. Results also last longer if you maintain your weight because weight is gained and lost easily in the breasts, which can affect their position and size.

Patrick Obasi, MD, FACS
Noble Cosmetic Surgery
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TX & Desoto, TX

Dr. Obasi is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, American Board of Surgery, and the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery. He expands his education to enrich the lives of his patients. He has a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and biochemistry at the University of Texas Arlington and further at the Howard University College of Medicine. During his university years, he was recognized as an outstanding student, and he is now recognized as one of the top 10 best plastic surgeons in Texas by the National Academy of Plastic Surgeons, among other accolades.

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